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MKCL Finishing School is a work based degree program where in MKCL aims to develop a high quality skilled manpower in niche areas/sectors through diversified degree programs to meet the requirements of the industries in various sectors and to instill self-employment skills in people and make them employable through a large number of role based and work and performance centric courses.

What is MKCL trying to do with the MFS program for the industry?

With MFS, MKCL is imparting a series of Role Based and Work and Performance Centric distance education degree programs to address the manpower demands of the industry not just at the differential skill-based entry level but at an integral role-based and directly deployable levels, by forging partnerships with various organizations having domain expertise and who can offer real workplaces as a Work Lab for the learners to gain and practice practical skills required at the workplace.

MFS- A bridge from college to the world of work. With MFS, MKCL aims to design newer programs and enhance the existing programs under MKCL Finishing School (MFS) so as to give an intensive exposure, expertise and experience in an eLearning supported Work Lab in form of real-life work environments of the industries and setup an innovative learning through working paradigm and thereby attempt to seek a blend of the work environment and learning environment, as a result of which there is a proper match between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available.

In a nutshell, in the MFS program, the industry partner with MKCL will be able to select and enroll interns for a period of three years and also be able to retain the best performing interns. As a result, the industry partner shall be able to mould the interns as per the organization’s culture and absorb them in regular work activities. When the right candidate is selected under the MFS program, he/she shall start working in the organization and at the same time, he / she shall be enrolled in a degree program with the certifying open university.