Kindly check Guidelines before filling online application form

General Guidelines

  1. Please check the list of 'Industry Partners'.
  2. Please check and go through the detailed information about 'Industry Partner' before selecting the 'Industry Partner'.
  3. Select your preferred 'Industry Partner' where you would like to work.
  4. Giving preference to the 'Industry Partners' does not means that you are shortlisted for that 'Industry Partner'.
  5. 'Industry Partner' may or may not shortlist your application. If 'Industry Partners' does not shortlist your application irrespective of your preference for that 'Industry Partner' then we will not be responsible in such cases.
  6. If any 'Industry Partner' shortlist your application then it does not mean that your interview will get scheduled. 'Industry Partner' may or may not call you for the interview.
  7. After scheduling of interview, if candidate remain absent or reach to the interview location late then 'Industry Partner' will not conduct the interview.
  8. 'Industry Partner' may or may not select the candidate after interview.
  9. 'Industry Partner' may not conduct the interview if candidate is not satisfying the required criteria.
  10. 'Industry Partners’ decision will be final in all the cases and candidate can’t take any objection in this case.
  11. Entrance Exam fees once paid through successful transaction is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. In case applicant is not able to appear for the entrance exam as per the given schedule, no re-exam shall be conducted under any circumstances. No such requests shall be entertained. Entrance Exam fees in such case shall be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  12. In case of multiple payments for entrance exam fees as against the same application-id, the amount will not be refunded. Hence applicants are requested to take due care while transferring the entrance exam fees.
  13. Upon successful transaction, the amount of Fees for the aforementioned program once paid, will be non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  14. In case the transaction is rejected by ‘Payment gateway’, the ‘Payment gateway’ will refund the fees to original source Bank Account from where the amount has been received. In such cases, MKCL cannot be held responsible for delay in the refund if any.
  15. In case of double payment of university fees (if selected), we will verify the details and if it is found to be correct, then the process of refund of excess payment shall be initiated which may require minimum 3 months.
  16. University and MKCL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this program and complete application process without any prior notice. University and MKCL shall not be liable to anyone for any such modification/s.
  17. University or MKCL reserves all rights related to this program.
  18. University or MKCL shall not be liable to anyone for any modification/s in the program.
  19. University or MKCL in its sole discretion may disqualify the candidate if the candidate fails to follow the pre-examination instructions or causes a breach in the terms and conditions of online examination or has supplied false or incorrect or incomplete information, or for any other reason found appropriate.
  20. University or MKCL reserves rights to suspend, stop, postpone selection procedure at any time in exceptional circumstances.