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Academic Methodology

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Academic model and Learning environment

Academic model of MFS offers a unique learning environment to the Learners, that comprises of

  • a work lab for practicals
  • an eLearning framework for theory and
  • interaction sessions with mentor

Academic Process

  • Learners are enrolled for the three year degree program through selection process and are allotted a Work Lab made available by the industry partner for three years. Work Lab is allotted as per the selection criteria set by the industry at the time of admission.
  • Learners work at the Work Lab i.e. Practicals of the degree program by complete the allotted tasks, and interact with teammates, seniors. Get involved in the work.
  • Before and after the Work Lab hours, Learners access MKCL’s eLearning framework for Theory component of the degree program. i.e. to
    • Learn by exploring global and best practices followed for specific profession and respective role
    • Appreciate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate real-life case studies developed by experts
    • Derive theory out of skills practiced at the workplace
    • Actively participate by posting and answering questions on eWorkForum – platform for sharing work situations and challenges
  • Learners interact with mentors once a week through online mode or face to face or any other suitable media for
    • reflections on deriving meaning and value out of daily actions at workplace
    • discussions around actions and reflections, group activities and assessments