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Your Role as Industry Partner

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As an industry partner, you will be able to select the students from a pool of candidates who apply for the MFS program. You are to select the candidates on the specific requirements you have.

Upon selection, the students will join your organization under the role as defined by you and shall be present in your organization for the next 3 years till the degree course is complete. If in case, if the candidates are not performing to the performance standards of the industry partner, the industry partner can relieve the candidate of his services. When the candidate starts working in the work place, mentoring the candidate is utmost important as it helps to connect the candidate to the world of work and the theory.

The mentors shall be required to carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. Conduct meaningful interactions, discussion sessions with students around actions and reflections, and facilitate and lead the students to derive theory out of practice;
  2. Develop and nurture students to attain more and more skill efficiency for better performance at the Work Lab;
  3. Assess performance, offer corrective and objective feedback to students and consolidate Work Credits and Knowledge Credits;
  4. Use ePlatform effectively to collaborate with Students, and facilitate them to build their portfolios.
  5. Establish job rotation mechanism internally to ensure role progression at the workplace and advanced career growth for the learner, to the extent to which it is possible.

Monthly Stipend In the MFS program, the Industry Partner/Work Lab Partner shall, in consultation with MKCL, stipulate per Student per month scholarship and other facilities to be provided to the Student. The stipend for most of the students is a source of motivation to work better and cover daily expenses and also save some amount and provide for their families as well.