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  1. Admission Process for Work-based Degree Program - B.Sc. in CSA for Academic Year 2019-20 is over as per the guidelines received from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).

  2. Admission Process for Work-based Degree Program BBA(BPM) was not carried out for Academic Year 2019-20 as per the guidelines received from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).

  3. General Guidelines

    1. Please check the list of 'Industry Partners'.

    2. Please check and go through the detailed information about 'Industry Partner' before selecting the 'Industry Partner'.

    3. Select your preferred 'Industry Partner' where you would like to work.

    4. You have to select and give the preference for minimum 5 'Industry Partners'. You can give the preference of maximum 10 'Industry Partners'.

    5. While selecting the preferred 'Industry Partners', please arrange them in the order of your preference.

    6. Please verify the order of 'Industry Partners' preference before clicking on 'SAVE' button.

    7. Preference form once saved, order of preferred companies cannot be changed.

    8. Also once Preference form once saved then addition/deletion/modification of 'Industry Partners' is not allowed.

    9. Giving preference to the 'Industry Partners' does not means that you are shortlisted for that 'Industry Partner'.

    10. 'Industry Partner' may or may not shortlist your application. If 'Industry Partners' does not shortlist your application irrespective of your preference for that 'Industry Partner' then we will not be responsible in such cases.

    11. If any 'Industry Partner' shortlist your application then it does not mean that your interview will get scheduled. 'Industry Partner' may or may not call you for the interview.

    12. After scheduling of interview, if candidate remain absent or reach to the interview location late then 'Industry Partner' will not conduct the interview.

    13. 'Industry Partner' may or may not select the candidate after interview.

    14. 'Industry Partner' may not conduct the interview if candidate is not satisfying the required criteria.

    15. It may be possible that, 'Industry Partner' has selected the candidate in interview but does not finally issued the offer letter. In such cases we will not be responsible.

    16. 'Industry Partners’ decision will be final in all the cases and candidate can’t take any objection in this case.

    Please refer student undertaking to be signed by student before confirming admission to MFS Degree Programme

    Click here to check the undertaking.