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World today is IT enabled. From homes, schools, colleges, universities, to corporates and communities, there is continuous and growing need of young professionals who can manage IT infrastructure that comprises of computers, laptops, gadgets, networking, servers, softwares and many such things, and also give support for its maintenance, management and troubleshooting.

B.Sc. in Computer System Administration program has been specially designed for young aspiring professionals who want to pursue a bright career in IT infrastructure and support industry!

This is Degree with a difference!

Students of this degree program are expected to work in real life work environment of a company for three years.

It gives an intensive exposure, expertise and experience to the learners in real life work environments of industries. It is in form of a 3 years internship, with eLearning support and mentor mediation.

This would enable a Learner to work in actual IT infrastructure and support industry for three years as a desktop technician/IT support engineer/ System administrator/ Security or database administrator etc. and simultaneously get a meaningful and relevant degree in Computer System Administration

MKCL Finishing School in Computer System Administration is committed to offer an enjoyable, engaging and enriching ‘Learning through working’ experience to its Learners.

Happenings at MFS

  • Pre-admission process for academic year 2018-19 has started.

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